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>neba blog for a long time liao… feel like blogging but dunno what to post. DURH. i wan watch death note!!! shud be quite fun watching wit fwens… haha. but too bad lamy can watch wit us… sigh less one ppl liaos. dunno yohannis wan go anot? sigh… still have the stupid counsillor interview. im so sick of it liaos… SIGH. im still struggling. to be or not to be~ i really can’t make up my mind. should i be a counsillor? why did they choose me>? ARGH im so irritated now. should i give up? i really dunno what to do. $^*^&&%# oh yea got a new name today. kinda stupid though… that Joelle td too high lor. since watching the shark tale she’s been doing dunno what. crazy one larr… still “found” this family ‘tong tong family’ quite fun td larr LOL. new name is SHU TONG…. stupid right? the “founder” is joelle lor. she is SHEN tong, the wenzii JING tong, boon yain BING tong… see sth? that’s that. haha. still have yanjun is DA TONG, lamy is XIAO TONG, shuhui MU TONG, mandy MIAO TONG, weiting WU TONG, and lastly bernice PU TONG! lame rites?had so much fun td… joelle going crazy lor. just now @ MSN still crapping abt this. HAHA im quite pissed off that my stupid camputer cant even lemme use MSN messenger, even to playing gb or maple. still quite mad. sigh… if can plae then im playing now wit FS loh! still have time to crap here meh~ DURH yohax say go microsoft website go dl or update sth then can liao or what shit larrs… then now go there the thing so slow one. haben even started yet lor. so mad. feel like reformatting the com again seh. but all muhh things going to disappear oready lor. now wsh virus faster come so that can reformatt the com… or even better get a new PC, which is impossible, and even getting my own laptop, which i have to wait for a few more year. BLEAH. im toking crap. crapping all the impossible. guess i really boliao. haha so bored seh… still got KPO ppl see see look look~ very irritating larrs. let’s just stop here. cheers!


Written by GekTeng

October 17, 2006 at 5:43 PM

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