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>yoyoyo!!! i haven’t been posting for a long time, yes i know… I’m getting rather busy with my year end examinations and theory examinations, which can’t wait to come blasting out and kill me. whahaha. well i’ll post abt ytd ba… ytd is yz’s album debut larr… 1st day i go buy liao… yes, i know… very kiasu. sigh, now then i realised there will be a deluxe edition that will be out on friday! was quite angry at first larr… sigh. but at least can buy one what. now dont care le larr. just focus on the end-of-year. today quite suprising still… wenzi actually asked me to accompany her to the library to study after school! it’s quite unbelievable as… you know… LOL i would not like to mention more~ haha.
ytd was very very super duper fun…shuhui, bernice, yuen lam, mandy, boon yain and me went to causeway pt to eat. it’s so fun. got alot of pics, but all inside yl’s phone, so cannot share. but will get the pics from her someday. shuhui really crazy that day lor. and they were the ones who drove me crazy too. ytd was one of my most craziest mood. i joked, kid, laughed, and simply made a fool out of myself outside. LOL but i enjoyed myself. and really very good. I LOVE SK JEWELLERY! there actually set up a somewhat booth at causeway pt. so i can like, go everyday after sch??? no larr, please, i’m not that crazy for her. mind you all, there’s even more ppl who are even more crazier for her than i am. haha. but im really happy that they set up a booth there. but wonder how long will this booth last? the previous one lasted for quite a long time, i think. i didn’t really bother abt what’s happening at that pethetic corner over there. and after lunch we got to CD-Rama to buy my CD. im really fortunate to have fwens who accepted me for who i am; a vegetarian and despite some differences we have, we are still getting along very well. whahaha. thanks, everyone.


Written by GekTeng

September 27, 2006 at 10:36 PM

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