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YAHOO!!! I had so much fun today! We celebrated the Teachers’ Day today in both Riverside Sec and finally, Woodlands Ring Pri.!!! I’m like damn happy lor. But it’s kinda sad also as Miss Jasmine Lim is leaving. Sigh. It’s like so fun!
let’s see some pics i’ve taken… whahaha!

Before the party and the eating…

After the party and the eating…

Our dear Miss Lim busy cutting the cake…

Gossipping about the cake?

From left: Ellis, Cui Ping, Priya, Yvonne, Sharifah

1st row from left: Ellis, Cui Ping, Priya, Yvonne

2nd row from left: Cynthia, Audrey, Sharifah

Well I know it’s abit blur, but this is Sharifah

Can you guess who is this???And this???

it’s melody and sherilyn! LOL


Cherie…And Cherie again…

and Ellis… yeps, Ellis again.
Mandy also got…

pics taken with miss jasmine lim… today’s her last day…

Ha! look at Angela!!!

last but not least, a pic with Miss Lim Gui Hao…

Well that’s my day in Riverside today. WRPS was like a disaster when i reached at about 1 with Fana and Ellis. There was so many people lor! Mostly all ex students then it was like so chaotic. Go in school liao oso nothing to do, only can stay in the stuffy canteen, then we all go out lor. idiot lah. then we went to buy things to eat eat 1st lor, then about 3 recess time we go in again, then this time the security let us go in! and can you believe it??? We could actually raom around the school! AWWW!!! A tour around the whole school certainly brought back alot of memories. Me and Fana really enjoyed roaming there! But we din see Miss Wendy Lee lor, it was like so *^^#$%&^&. So long din see her liao lor. I at stars nite there see her only say hi like that we din even tok much. sigh.

But we really enjoyed our time there larr/


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September 1, 2006 at 8:14 AM

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