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>ARGH! I’m so frustrated and sick of this! The screamings and naggings and scoldings never seemed to cease in my house. I’m really very pissed off. There is always someone idiotic disturbing me all the time when I play the computer. THIS IS REALLY SO FRUSTRATING! I could have just sent her a punch right on her idiotic face there and then. But I didn’t/ I HATE IT! I’m so sick of my life! They said family is the most important; compared to your friends, but I can’t think of how important is SHE in the family. $*(()%*(%^#$*&/ I think I have to stop venting my anger. But I have to say that, it really is frustrating when a person is always looking at what you are doing in the computer. It really is, and trying to get attention by doing those stupid things doesn’t help; it will only make me feel even more sick and tired of you. SO PLEASE STOP DOING THAT. Juse don’t talk to me when I’m using the computer, don’t even come near me. I BEG YOU. One day if I can’t control my anger… well you’ll know what will happen. Want to know? try it out!

Well let’s stop that for now…Well I had a great time today. Mandy, Shu Hui and me went to the Fuji Ice Palace at Jurong East ice skate. IT WAS FUN LIKE HELL!!! 1st time go there i was like a suagu like that lor, but because i have learnt to rollerblade i agar agar knew how to skate after a while. Well i think i was too tensed up ba. I just couldn’t skate well. LOL. But it was a good experience afterall. I had a great time there and i don;t know mandy could skate THAT WELL! there were alot of pros around and they completed one round like less than one minute when we were like, crawling around lor. they did one round for about 30 secs while we completed one round for like… 5 minutes??? why, that was a shame… LOL. oh yea, i still saw the coach thingy that was on TV last time. and i have to admit, there was alot of handsome boys around. whahaha!!!


Written by GekTeng

August 30, 2006 at 8:14 PM

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