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>Yo!!! i guess i’m dead for my geography. Chinese was a mess for me already. Sigh. But at least got improvement. LOL. Die larr, I’m really starting to worry if i might afterall pass my HCL in sec 3 oral and all that shitting stuffs. ARGH! Well honestly i can’t think of anything to blog today. Oh yeah, that Dr. William come our school tok tok for about… 1hour? We all normal days is 2.30 go homeone, but he drag drag drag until about 3. but oso quite good larr, cos the choir time lesser what. LOL then that monday is Miss Choo’s bday then we make dunno what crazy arrangements all these. but must admit the cake all these really looked very nice; nice to look at and nice to eat. WHAHAHA! then that M**** really very greedy lor! she take one hand the pizza and one hand the cake! so greedy. then cherie din even eat lor. dunno what she thinking. got free good food oso dont want… LOL. M**** really very what lor, dunno take how many servings of the cake liao lor, see oready oso scared ah! LOL. had a great time larr. the math paper i very sickening one lor. The graph i see until dunno where then i din see the negative. and that stupid – sign had so many marks lor! if not for that idiot -ve thing, i would have gotten full marks one lor! sigh. i was like so pissed off after that. i really wanted to get an A1 for my math, since that is the only subject i was confident to pull all the subject marks up. well, see how ba.


Written by GekTeng

August 24, 2006 at 9:34 PM

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