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>yo! today’s the chinese test. well i think it’s quite straightforward and definitely easier than the CT1 paper. LOL. is my chinese cher set the paper one. sigh… today’s quite a boring day larr. In math miss lim go through the ytd math test. i thought i would not get A1 BUT I GOT IT!!! 31/40. WHAHAHA! Well, I could do better, though, Miss Lim’s very strict on marking this time round:( but she said she will be more strict on the CT paper. Well let’s just hope for the best, yea? I’m so happy, she said that we have done better than 1/7!!! LOL. but this is not the important one, it’s the CT that we have to concern about. Humph, I have to admit that I was just stoning during the science lesson. OK, i admit. It’s just the usual boring lesson, but i did take note on the “clues” the cher gave us and i am sure to be studying those. Ireally have no confidence that i could score well for my science. The results for the pass half a year are justby luck, and the topics have became quite complicated already, I’m afraid I couldn’t manage the heavy workload. Sigh, suddenly all the problems have came rushing back to me. Or am I just worrying too much? Perhaps there is just nothing more to worry? Well I don’t know, but I’m quite worried about the dance class project. Can you believe it? We are going to chrorograph our own dance and chose our own music! Well honestly I’m not the one who could dance well or have the interest to dance, but, i wonder, will time change everything? I don’t know, But this project is really my biggest worry around here. I have to juggle so many things at a time I’m afraid I would collapse one day. LOL. Lucky I could still play with the computer to destressed. haha. But the problem is still there, as always, and we have to solve it no matter what. I’m also getting really frustrated with my chinese game project work. I just have so many things to do! we have to change the rules of the games abit, edit the powerpoint, even presenting it again. The project work is still not bad as we have already got ready with the things, well I just hope nothing will go wrong this time, hopefully. Wish me luck and may god bless~


Written by GekTeng

August 18, 2006 at 4:19 PM

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