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>My week rocks!!! Friday was really a magical day, if it was to exclude the school hours. But school was not so bad, honestly. We were on a new module for Healthy Lifestyles and started on aerobics. How I missed skipping! I really love it alot. Well it doesn’t matter to me now. We did some stupidwalking things and to my surprise, at the end of the session, I actually sweat! Well school was as usual afterwards, except Miss Chen was Absent on that day. We went to the library at the last period and chatted like crazy. Now I was wondering why wasn’t I doing my homework but wasting so much of my free time talking and yacking away… ARGH! And now I have to suffer with all the homework. And now I’m blogging, and wondering if I’m wasting my time doing this. But I really have to blog about the week before it is all gone and whatever. Wow, now i was thinking if I posted one week one time, I could publish my own biography at the end of my life! Well, common sense, that was just one of my craps and “bleah” so just don’t worry much. Whahaha! I had to go to WRPS for the Stars Nite and I’m really damn happy. I just couldn’t wait to go back to school! I was just so excited! I had to go earlier with my mom as she was a parent volunteer for the choir. And that was my reason for going in the school. Lame reason, I know, But I somehow got in, as a “parent volunteer’s daughter”. Funny, huh? Well I was quite upset when no one recognises me, because I tied my hair up, I think. So i thought that I should take the initiative to call up on people, and the first one i called upon was Mrs Krishna, as she just walked past me. I was really glad she recognised me. Oh yeah, as you know, Farhanah got the Sportschamp for the year 2005 and her name was to be written on the honour board or list. And I found out that they had actually spelt her name wrongly! They did not include the ‘h’ behind. I was quite mad at the beginning, but, well, I’ll just have to tell her about it and it’s up to her whether she wants to tell the school about it. Well I don’t know. The next person was Mdm Kamariah. Her expressions were so funny and cute, if you all want to say that. I haven’t seen her for ages, man! After much ‘struggling’ she fina;;y managed to recognise me. Well we did not really talk much, honestly. My mom saw Miss Tay and told her that I was in school now. So I somewhat had to meet her. I wasn’t scared that she wouldn’t recognise me, as we had met on her way to WRPS for the P5 NDP event. So there’s no ‘surprise’ for her. Well she told me to do things, as usual… Whahaha. But that was easy. After that I helped Miss Noordiana take down the children’s artwork from the exit door and THAT was quite hard work. But I managed to do it anyway. And I saw Mr Chay! He was, well, the usual him. Dinner was alright, usual thing my mother bought. then we went to the choir room and saw the graduating choir members and my “daughter”!!! Wow she still recognises me and I couldn’t believe it. She still remembers that I’m her “mother”! I won’t even remember if she doesn’t mention that. Well JiaQi was just as cute as ever, with the same sweet voice and the bunny kind of face. LOL. No offences. But I could say that she must be the cutest P6 kid in WRPS. 🙂 It was really boring sitting on the chair watching the concert. I still prefer to move about or at least stand at the back of the hall as a “worker”. It’s really boring sitting stiffly on the chair. I was looking for Mrs Lim everywhere bu with no avial. But she finally arrived at about… 8+??? Well then we talked and blah blah blah… well that’s my friday… dont wish to blog more lerx. Tata!


Written by GekTeng

August 3, 2006 at 5:40 PM

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