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>Hi there everyone!!! It’s been a week since I’ve blog here. oh and Sunday was fun. REALLY fun. In the morning I went to Sembawang park to do the stupid recycling thing. Don’t know why I was so pissed off that time. My parent’s ain’t happy with me… Sob sob… Then my 2 aunts took me to bugis there eat and blah blahblah… We went to Roma Deli there to eat our lunch. Tastes just as great. I just love their food there. And it was kinda unusual; everything I ordered had a little bit of cheese and mushroom… It was so delicious larr!!! Especially the mushroom soup, it really water my mouth… Whahaha! I’m sure to go there again. Then we decided to watch Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest. And the B**** J******n cinema SUCKS! It’s like a so old place despite the very not cheap tickets. I’m really pissed off! We were abit late for the movie and it was like totally dark when we reached the somehwt… theatre??? I felt like a blind person, man! Now I know what Chen WeiLian “sees”… If I really go blind all of a sudden, i would not be able to take it. The feeling is just so wierd! Well we finally found our seats after asking the others. And we sat right on time. The movie just began. And After the movie, I FELT REALLY GOOD! That was what it calls a great movie. I really enjoyed the movie. And I am beginning to like Keira Knightley! She’s just so glam in the movie, especially when she dresses up as a man. really cool. She’s just so pretty!!! Ok I’m going mad. Please mind me for a while as this craziness will stay for a while. Whahaha! I feel like watching the movie again! It was somewhat a comedy too… Very funny movie. Aiya just love it la. It’s just that i didn’t really watched the 1st movie, or else i would have sunked deeper into the Keira Knightley thingy… Usually this will last for a while only and nothing else. But I still love yanzi!!! One and only yanzi. She’s just so worthy.

I’ve been scrimping and saving for a basketball. Well the craze just comes. I just had a sudden interest for basketball and I don’t know why. But I’m determined to get one myself. Today was the chinese project presentation and I nearly went bonkers memorizing it. Now I know that being one that acts isn’t as easy. But I was so happy when everyone came forward to try on my game despite a S**M** in my group. I’m just really happy. Thanks everyone/


Written by GekTeng

July 27, 2006 at 9:05 PM

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