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>Hello, i’m here to blog again… bleah. Well everyone was in a bad mood yesterday and, perhaps today. I don’t think i know why. Well I cried yesterday night. Mom was in abad mood for whatever reasons I don’t know, but it really upsets me. Partly because I was annoyed by my sister. I really wonder why must she be like that, why can’t she just leave me alone and mind her own business?! I’m getting quite upset about this thing these few days. I really don’t have the mood at home nowadays. What’s the problem with me? I wasn’t like that in school! I’m really feeling miserable. Well always look on the bright side…

yesterday happened alot. It was also the day I got a nervous breakdown. We went for the compulsory lesson for the higher chinese pupils. The lesson was so damn boring! The lecturers got us to watch quite alot of videos. The 1st lesson was on the Chinese Literature. damn boring. Even the videos were boring. The 2nd one was not bad though. Well I must admit I didn’t really paid attention to the lecture. We were all there laughing. For whatever reasons, I had forgotten. Well I really enjoyed my self; not studying and knowing more things, but laughing. I really love laughing. Oh yes, we went to Causeway point to have lunch 1st. With Yuen Lam and Mandy. And it was now then i had realised how slow Yuen Lam ate! ***No offence*** We shopped for the rest of the time until it was like about 2 before we left the place for the lecture. We met Aaron and Chin Wei and Wei ting and WenZi there too. And guess what?! I met JiaNing!!! woohoo!!! Really so glad! Despite me tying my hair up she still recognises me! I’m really very happy:) I went home after the lecture la. I just fell asleep on the sofa and it was my sister’s loud shouting that woke me up. Well i still pretended to be asleep, though. Gosh she was really loud. Why must she be like that? She’s so AA man. I waited for her to go bath before i wake. My mother is already having a black face. That’s when trouble starts. Mom gets angry with whoever, complain them to my father, quarrel, I die. I really hated this. I don’t like chaos in the house. And when I knew my mother was in a bad mood, I would always lock myself in the room and never come out. You may think it’s Coward, but i really don’t like it. In this case I can’t, because I have tons of things yet to be done! Eat, Bath, all that shit. My mother never stopped nagging and I don’t blame her for doing so. It was also partly our fault that she nags alot. I couldn’t blame her, all I could do was to shut up and listen and keep quiet. And mostly, to tolerate. I have really learnt to tolerate more when I have grown up. I felt the change in myself. But sometimes it’s not the change for the better, some it’s for the worse. I cried on that night. I really couldn’t help myself. I’m getting really tired. My sister really annoys me and I don’t think I could tolerate anymore. Well I think this breakdown must be an emotional explosion for me. I felt really good after crying, though. And i even did stupid things. I talked to my Stefanie Sun posters. And I think it really helps, although i know nobody will know, but it’s always good to say everything out to someone, or even something, for my case. I slept really well that night after crying. SHHH… My parents doesn’t know that, I cried when I was “sleeping” in my room. haha.

Thursday today, was alright. My most hated subject, d and t was quite fun today. The teacher was somewhat in a good mood today, and he joked quite alot. But it was likewise for my dear form teacher Miss Lim. She seems to be in a really bad mood today. Well alot happened today in school and i don’t fell like typing all out to everyone. It will be very hard to express in words. Well I’m going now. Remember to stay happy! Tolerate!

Yodele hee hoo!!!


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July 20, 2006 at 8:51 PM

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  1. >That’s a great story. Waiting for more. » »


    April 25, 2007 at 3:28 AM

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