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>Hi peeps… I’m here to blog about the CIP the last saturday. Well we had a fun time. We set off at about 8 and walked to our destination. The neighbourhood was so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. not many of the residents were awake then. We went from the top most storey first. We collected nothing at the 12th and 11th floors. and that led me wondering if we were to collect as many as i think there would be. But luckily things turn for the better. We’ve finally collected something at the 10th, 9th, and 8th storeys. I think most of the newspaper my group collected comes from these storeys. We decided to use the lifts since it’s so early in the morning and no one’s using. I can still remember one of my experience. I ringed the doorbell just as I did everytime. A 50++ woman opened the door and just as I was about to ask her for the old newspapers and magazines, she told me to shut up and closed the door. Gosh I was so dumbfounded then! But I didn’t really mind what the woman said. Well who cares?! We were dismissed at about 11+, which was earlier than what the consent form had stated. It was quite an achievement for me as I heard that the latest group to go home last year was at about 3, or even up to 4. luckily this didn’t happen to me, or else I would have to miss my theory lesson too. Ellis and me went to eat lunch at 888 plaza and decided to go WRPS to see see look look for awhile. We met Cuiping they all at the new playground nearby there. There were all playing and chatting etc. so we decided to join them. I even suggested going to the blue playground we had played last year. I really had a fun time. Alot of the fun times with Fana etc. are all there. As usual, we played blind mice, it’s just that Fana Azzie JN Zeken Ezzuan they all were not there. And there was I, playing with my new friends. I really missed that playground. Lots of wonderful memories of last year were still with me. Alot happened today. I even met Miss Tay when she was on her way to WRPS for the P5 National day thing.We chatted for quite awhile. I was so glad to meet her. I started SMSing Joyce the whole day, until abut at night. She really has alot of questions to ask, really. But I think I also had a great time answering those questions. Then after my “religious class” we went to aljunied to eat supper. the satay there was superb. What’s more is that there were tons of vegetarian stalls there too. We had alot of choices to make. What’s funny is that, with so many choices, I only ate satays. Because I don’t know how to make a good decision! I really don’t know what to eat, and ended up eating only satays. well that’s what you get when you are greedy. I have to accept fate. Whahaha!


Written by GekTeng

July 17, 2006 at 4:33 PM

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