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>Yodele hee hoo!!! Hi there! I’m here to blog again! It’s been a rather busy week. I’ve been staying back everyday this week and my mom’s getting worried. She’s scared I might be tired. But honestly I’m having real fun at school! The choir senoirs are all so crazy crazy type. Yesterday was so fun during the sectionals. The altos had an “extra lesson” because we are about to mabok already. I had alot of fun with the seniors. They were such a fun batch, but too bad Yohannis didn’t come, or else it will never been better. And I just realised that Jessica still watches Spongebob! Oh I love Spongebob too! He’s just so cute. We sang Idem-dem yesterday and I was the pianist to give them the pitching. I really had a nice day yesterday. I went home with Jieling and Angel they all, then Janice gave me 2 sweets! Well I had to admit a ate alot of sweets yesterday. I can’t wait for the farewell party and the choir camp! Confirm i will enjoy my time there! Tomorrow I can’t make it to my piano lesson. Cos’ the whole school’s having the C.I.P. We must go out and collect the old newspapers magazines and stuffs at the nieghbouring blocks. Angel’s class must go all the way to Marsiling! Sigh, why must it be tomorrow? Miss Chong’s giving me Yanzi’s tian hei hei piano score tomorrow! What a letdown! But I bet I’m going to have as much fun. This is my first time being a “garang guni” as you can see… I’m really looking forward to it. I’m in the same group as Melody, Huiting and Khairul. So I guess we’ll make it a success ba. Everything will be fine if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. God Bless… Please don’t rain tomorrow. Well that’s all for today. I’ll probably post tomorrow about my first time as “garang guni”!



Written by GekTeng

July 14, 2006 at 3:18 PM

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