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>Hi everyone! Well I know it’s abit formal but I’m trying to use ENGLISH instead of SINGLISH to wirte my post. I’ll just try and see what happens. I’m really not used to writing PROPER English, but for the sake of my English results, i better give it a try. Guess I will get used to it as days go by. I know i have not been blogging for a long time… I KNOW THAT! I’m really very busy since the school opened last week. never ending homeworks, projects, and everything you can think of. Well I’ll make this a kind of summary for the week. can’t blog much today, but I’ll try my best. Let’s see how first…

Well my week started on Monday, Youth Day. My dad still has to work so there’s not much of a difference, i think. My 4th aunt’s birthday also falls on today. We went to Sun Plaza to eat our much before going to Gramp’s place. Bought a birthday cake there too. I chose the cake!!! spent the whole day at gramp’s place. the cake was delicious! (of course, i chose it!) My aunt even bought something from SK Jewellery for her! I was quite mad when I found out that she didn’t go with me!!! humph, i forgive you! It was quite a day!

Then Tuesday. just the plain old Tuesdays. The assembly was SO BORING! I nearly fell asleep. What speech by the new school counsellor. All he said was JUNK! He even tries to make the speech funny but unfortunately no one even notices that. Then it’s P.E. we played badminton. The teacher thought we are still those kind of newbies to badminton. CRAP. Everyone played well. Then the last period of the day was geography. Bingo! The same old teacher. Ellis and me didn’t really talked or kid around that day… Well I can say we are really talking lesser and lesser already. I don’t know why. But who cares? I was already so exhausted when i got home. But I still chose to do finish my homework before i sleep. In case a overslept… Who knows til what time i will be sleeping to? I just LOVE sleeping. I slept at about 4 and woke up at around 7.30. It’s already night time by the time i woke. Sometimes i really wished that I could just sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and have nothing to worry about. But it’s impossible. That would never happen. Everything must come back to reality, don’t they?

Wednesday was hell. Dance was quite boring when we danced hip- hop. Nobody seemed to be interested except… the teacher? English was boring as usual, really boring. Choir was HELL that day. Miss Choo went to the acapella group and left us with that stupid Jeremy. His conducting was so funny. That’s the only best part about the day. We went for sectionals after the break. The alto sections was fighting for the piano area with the sopranos. I don’t really know what’s happening and things, but i think the altos and the sopranos must be in cold wars til now, especially among the sectional leaders. We, the altos eventually got the area, and left the soprano leader banging the piano and stomping away. Angel almost cried, i could see that. Luckily she suppressed it and got back to her normal self. Well the sopranos leader must be fuming that time. But i dont think she must react THAT way. The piano is innocent! Honestly, i pitied the piano. We were supposed to leave at 4, according to what Miss Choo said, but Jeremy just refused to let us off. I was so pissed off that time. It was already late and i was so tired. There are still loads of homework to do for the day. I really felt like killing him that day. Well if this will be going on every week, i’d rather join the acepella group! Less people, more fun! There’s Chuan Whai, Jessica, Joyce and YOHANNIS!!! It was also hell at home. The next day was already my practical and I’m not prepared. I played worse that day too. I was so stressed up. I don’t want to disappoint my parents, you see. Although they would not mind if I did badly, I really don’t want to disappoint them. They spent BILLIONS on this piano investment. I don’t want them to feel upset and regretful that it’s not worth it. I really don’t want.

Thursday is the day. I left school after recess, after everyone’s “goodlucks”, I left, still feeling tensed up and stressful. I even went to the piano area to practise for the last minute. People say I’m just thinking too much, I don’t know. I just want to give my best, but I’m too tensed up. My father fetched us to the examination venue. There’s still time before i go into the examination room, and i requested for a room to practise for the last second. The air- condition was to cold that my hand freezes. I guess that’s probably the reason a did not play so well for the faster parts of the pieces. Well I don’t know. All I knew after I came out was that I have already tried my best and who cares about the results now? After i got home I got my homework from Ellis and completed them. And bingo, I napped. It was not a bad day too.

Friday was fun. After getting chided for being the last class to assemble last week, we became the first today. Miss Lim was glad. She even asked me about my practical the day before. I was stunned for a moment and just replied ” ok la”. Well if we weren’t at assembly and were both standing, I would have told her LOADS. But sometimes we have to see our surroundings. It wasn’t that bad afterall. She is really a good teacher. I really loved doing skipping for the healthy lifestyle. I really had lots of fun, and today was no different either. Miss Lim almost fell when she tried to jump in to skip. I laughed the loudest:) Then Miss Yuana and Miss Lim Held on to the rope and we ran in to skip. Dhivyen was so extra. He would always jump in the first before anyone does. I also succeeded and even helped Ling Mei and Sherilyn to get themselves jumping in there. For a moment I’m really enjoying myself very much. Maths lesson was right after healthy lifestyle. I really looked forward to it. I guess it’s because it’s Miss Lim’s class. Her class was never boring, even today. She even rewarded us with a video. Well she has loads of vedeos in her PC. LOADS. I still remember the name of the video: FRIGHT. True enough, it really scare the wits out of me.Can’t tell you in detail, but it’s really fun. Khairul even screamed. Great day.

My Saturday started with my piano lesson. Interesting as usual. As our examinations are over, Miss Chong gave us great pieces to play. She even promised to bring her copy of Tian Hei Hei, or Overcast sky, sang and played by Stefanie Sun for me. I’m really looking forward to my next lesson. Theory was quite boring. I managed to finish all my homework today, and that was why i could use the computer now. I earned it.

Phew, that’s the end, i think. This is as similar as writing a composition. You won’t believe it, i actually spent 1+ hours to write this post! But if this works, I dont mind wasting my 1 hour every week. Well I must go now. That’s all for the week. God knows when I will be free again.


Written by GekTeng

July 8, 2006 at 8:34 PM

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