Confessions of a Sentimentalist

jotting the history; living the moment; dreaming the future

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had so much fun today!
got choir practice then we got play play a little bit larr…
sang for 3 hours then played for the rest of the day…
that was so fun!
we played the treasure hunt then i grouped with jessica they all…
all the seniors tricked us until like what like that lorr!!!
especially that chuan whai…
had so much fun
it was also the 1st time i had seen jessica thinking SO SERIOUSLY before…
well we are still playing tmr…
coming school early to playy.
can u believe that…
but looks like it’s fun
so tempting i just agreed straight away…
dunno got anyone going anot…
but i only know there’s abt… 5?
well im not sure…
well bet im going to have fun!


Written by GekTeng

June 22, 2006 at 8:46 PM

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