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really dunno what to do for that maths seh…
whether to print out or not.
that e-learning thing sux like hell lor
think only yuen lam noes how todo
then i oso dun have the word how to print out
really beri mah fan lor!
then the hey maths oso dunno what assignment need do, then whether to print out or not…
all that things die die must do
dunno how many % in final year exam one
then the stoopid project oso haben do
have 2projects need finish this hols…
i still prefer school days..
at least not so much HW then no need stay at home everyday doing nothing wat
then oso wun have so many stoopid projects…
i miss school!!!


Written by GekTeng

May 28, 2006 at 1:49 PM

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