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today last day of school ler lor
hate school hols la!
especially when there’s just nothing to do at home
but today beri beri fun la
miie stayed back til 3++
at classroom with ellis miss lim dey all
only the ppl with probs in the maths file de need stay back
i dun have, but oso stayed back…
for some reasons, i dunno why
then helped miss lim mark the file…
shimin’s file was like….
so pissed off after marking her stupid file
oso dunno why miss lim ask to mark file when i am just a student
for goodness sake
so tough being a cher seh
then still have to file everything nicely for shimin
she oso bad enough le la
still got tons of corrections haben do yet
if muhh file oso like that then i machiam die~~~
then everyone was like taking bits and pieces of paper out of muhh file lor
wat model file
shit la
then after shimin’s file was done,
muhh file was like shit ler
wonder wat the hell they did to muhh file.
cant stand those ppl nia
lucky still hab ellis they all help lor
then i think a little while then muhh file done ler lor
then that chinese cher say wan stay back for 5 min, then until dunno what time haben come.
like wat only!!!
then still say must stay back discuss with her the chinese project,
but nobody borders lor
then only our grp machiam go find her la
although it’s beri late. lol
then tok all those crap to us lor
admit i wasnt listening 100% la
it’s just too boring
then that thing can ler then must check that stupid aaron file
but i think that one miss lim check b4 ler la
a little while then done ler
then charmaine dunno go whr cannot find her
then miss lim pek cek like wad
then ask me check the ans all these
after that all miss lim do ler la
she’s the teacher after all…
then ellis and i were like toking like siao…
like miss lim’s not dere like that
aiya, she oso dun care one ma
felt that ellis tok too much today ler la
tok abt her aunt hong and wat shit la
then say until like wan cry like that
then still tok until so loud…
machiam whole sch can hear lor~~
then miss lim oso dun care just let her tok tok…
then i laugh laugh laugh~~~
i just treat it as a form of entertainment la. ha
then dunno why i left muhh project that board in muhh class!!!
holy shit
dunno wat i thinking that time lor
then that shimin say she wan take one, then she purposely forget, then just go home like nobody’s business…
then i blur blur just left it in class!!!
then how am i going to do the project?
then take the maths file go that staff room
then miss lim gave us her chocolate as reward!!!
but there’s only one left
and i was like… WTF…
then ellis and me both share lor
but she still owe us 1 more la
half me half ellis
we helped her lots k!!!
2 goodies is not even enough for the salary…
kidding kidding…
it’s more than enough.
that’s muhh day today…
nice day though, although there’s some


Written by GekTeng

May 26, 2006 at 5:26 PM

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