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din blog for so long ler…
really forgot to blog seh.
this will be a beri beri long post nia.
sunday went to KTV party world at civil center there…
sing lots of songs…
mostly yz’s one of course…
only know how to sing her songs wat
then i an see the jolin new album de MV
cos the dance very shiok
then the MV haben come out
stupid lar!
then really got beri beri high during the meng bu luo and the zhen ming tian zi
so high i almost fainted…
scream like siao
all dances beri gd one lor
then after that then go eat lunch blah blah blah~~~
then mon was just a normal day…
after that tues im feeling something was wrong ler.
sick like wat oready
almost fainted during the homec period
and i was like wth…
everytime will choose the “righ time” to bomb me one lor!
then got blocked nose.
really beri beri angry.
ellis they all were saying the vegetarian pie beri beri nice smell…
so pissed off after that.
after the homec period i was like..~~~~
buey tahan ler
but still have to stay back do the stupid chinese project.
idiot la
we oways wait till last minute then do one la
then well…
i din do much,
they all oso dun care wad.
cos that ball din even do a thing lor.
and she’s not even sick or wat ok!
at least i did something.
all that ball did was just tok CRAP
*** no offence***
go home then collasped ler lor
but still got watch bodyguard…
despite being sick like wat.
then tell mom dun go sch pon one day nvm
then muhh mom agreed for goodness sake
then i was like oh miie gosh!!!
god bless!!!
then missed the dance test lor
oso dun care much la
that one oso not so important as wat only
just a stupid thing la
then on that pon day i had nothing better to do than going to sleep
cant even play com lor
like wad only…
then nothing do i slept the whole day lol
that’s what i sick person will do…
muhh mom say…
diaox… *** -_-” ***
then today got back to school la
cos got meet the parents session cannot pon ler.
or else i will pon till fri oso can lor
mom oso dun care ler
then today cos the stupid meet the parents session then sch ends at 1. 15
good for us lor
no have chinese
i was like kai xin dao~~~
after that then deco the class i lil’ bit la
dun wan lose face wat
other class deco until so nice and ours like…
we arranged the tables and chairs lor
then miss chen come in do our history files…
then miss lim oso in the class checking maths file…
see her face like black black one…
ok lor
then i think miss chen recognised me ler lor…
or at lease muhh file/
cos go there 3 times then got approved
then we deco the whiteboard lor
i did the writing
” welcome to 1/8″
quite well done lor
then others go there draw draw write write a lil bit then it’s done
quite nice la but a bit…
ya u noe
i still tuaght them how to draw pig singing a song…
then forget eat lunch seh
then dunno why i oso dun feel hungry.
too much things to do la i think…
then still got “employed” by miss lim go mark aaron’s maths file
luan dao~~~
i was like so confused…
with that dyivyen taking muhh ws in and out of my file
lucky din get lost…
or else i hantam him!!!
then still let shimin check the file thing
her file was oso luan dao~~~
but nvm la
her prob neway
just dun get muhh file involved…
then i was the 2nd one to let the chers meet muhh parents lor
all crap la they say…
wad my languages not gd la…
lit oso not gd…
maths and sci still can
then need spend more time on the languages…
then the sports thing…
wadever la
then wad i confident wat…
then after that i was like…
lucky din say i din pay attention to class.
cos from p4 onwards then the chers all say that ler…
somewhat la…
lucky lor
then after that i asked muhh mom wat she think abt muhh chers la/
then she say miss lim too skinny…
then ask me tell her eat more…
she say miss lim somemore skinnier than muhh sis lor
and muhh sis was oready skinny like wat ler the still skinnier…
ppl u can just imagine how skinny is miss lim
but skinny oso good la
cos everytime see her then remind me of yz
then very happy cos have yz teaching me!!!
just kidding la
both chers oso very good…
then of course miss lim better then yanzi la
she’s muhh cher wad
beri beri good cher
then miss yuana is oso the 1st cher who remember that im a vegetarian
just tell her once and she’ll remember it
good la just wan say,
1/8 rawks!!!


Written by GekTeng

May 25, 2006 at 7:57 PM

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