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today was the storytelling competition…
it sucks…
i forget some then was like so desperate struggling on the stoopid stage…
luckily managed to continue the story la…
then got like hiccup a little bit.
tmr will announce the results ler.
all 5 will get a prize lor,
2 consolation and the top 3.
the cher say the prizes all beri goodone, dunno whether true anot.
well just hope for the best!
then today just suck!
Mr Lee go liao then one relief cher came.
he’s so $&*(%*%&*%$&*^())_**^
den he wan give us the lesson or watever…
then so boring
then he dunno for what reason then stop teach then let us tok tok play play…
then mel still sleep in that class…
she sleep like so sweet and cute!!!
at first wan take out hp then take a photo one, but betta dun risk it.
then we ask abt the results then mel is the highest then she still sleeping…
realli sound asleep seh
ling mei shake her then slap her face alot of times then she woke…
then it’s so obvious she slept in class lor!
still dare yawn and stretch
then the art lesson most boring one
dunno what da hell he drawing…
then oso abt sleep liao.
so damn tiring today lor
omost fainted seh.
then still got hit by that stoopid dhivyen
idiot la
throw the keys then fall right smack on muhh head
realli hurts lor
then oways go bully girls
go take ziling’s things then dun admit.
f**k him lars!!!


Written by GekTeng

May 16, 2006 at 3:40 PM

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