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muhh sis is so irritating!!!
cannot tolerate!!!
how could she?!!
i realli want KILL her.
so irritating!!!
she just want to make me angry.
just want make trouble fer me.
everytime i play the com, listen to music then she starts to play the stoopid piano.
idiotic, rite???
want compete???
tell you guys something…
something that will make me feel happy…
she got cane by muhh mother this afternoon!!!
serve her right!!!
she’s so idiotic…
i really cannot stand her anymore…
realli need to punch all my frustrations in the blog.
i dun care any more!!!
u can ask azzie abt this matter…
azzie also kinda hate muhh sis now.
lemme vent on muhh frustrations…
she was at that stoopid table where the com “stood”
and azzie was at muhh house to do her research.
or else she is going to fail her D&T
so, well, i let her to muhh house to let her complete the project or watsoever…
but that gurl was occupying that place when she has her own study table in her room
she just would not budge when we ask her to “get lost”
we waited for quite long and she still din leave that stoopid table.
den i was thinking…
wan fight?
i “fight” with you.
see who win who lose.
i just pushed her stoopid chair. (with wheels, u see… she wouldn’t fall…)
and asked azzie to squeeze inside that space.
and after looking at that, muhh mom scolded her and asked her go inside her room…
and we won!!!
after this, i realli wonder why she must be so stubborn and stay at that stoopid table.
just to get scolded by muhh mom???
i just dont understand…
to frustrate me, perhaps…
i dont know!!!


Written by GekTeng

February 25, 2006 at 9:05 PM

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