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>hi… i am now in school playing on the computer. sigh…. pale coming already, and next week is already the oral prelim. something that makes me very mad is that… u know, harry potter’s new book came out quite long ago already, but i still cannot get the book, i requested my mom to buy it for me, even told her to book in advance for me, ok, at first she say ok, but she dragged, dragged , dragged the time until school is starting already. sigh… then? when i ask her about the book, she told me that the psle is coming, she wants me to focus on the exams first, then after exams then she will buy for me. after listening, i really went bonkers. u noe, i have been looking forward to reading the book long ago, but, sigh, this really upsets me… what to do? no matter how i beg, how i please her, she also won’t agree to buy me the book first… looks like i must really wait till psle is over AND THAT IS ABOUT 70 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!
i really can’t take it anymore!!! i want to read the harry potter and the half blooded prince!!! but the school librarian that has already read the book told me that old, wise Dumbledore died in the end… and what’s more, Prof. Snape killed him!!!!! oh my god… sigh… but what can really make me chear up is that, when i was searching the internet for the harry potter things, i actually found out that a new harry potter movie is coming out soon!!! it’s coming out on november this year… ok… i going back already… if u want to know more about the upcoming harry potter movie, go to and watch the movie trailer. ok i got to go. bye!!!


Written by GekTeng

July 21, 2005 at 4:03 PM

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