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>vomit blood…

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>at school. computer lab. the computer dere is sinkenin’. idiot! haiz.. wait dere until my whole body about 2 rot liao… lucky can cum here. omg… go plae pokemon oso so slow. 2dae is a veri gloomy dae. fana din cum. i am going 2 die without her seh… nobody 2 joke around and plae pokemon with. can crash the computer 2gether with her wad. she got fever. n e way, we are goping 2 c her after sch liao… dunno whether she will be sleeping anot. better not. orelse dunno hu 2 tell wad she shud do…. haiz…. life sux without fana…


Written by GekTeng

May 19, 2005 at 10:33 AM

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