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>gong xi fa cai!!!

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>hello…. 2dae i am so so happy for me fren, aishah. remember her? she is the 1 hu helped me make the blog? she 2dae compete with the 6W1s and 6W3 pupils 2 represent the scool on a oral competition. she was REALLY good… and she is the CHAMPION!!! our class cheered loudly no matter gal or boix… we are really happy for her… cheers, aishah!!! next… after sch we went plae badminton, den plae basketball. the 6W1 VS 6W2. and… WE WON!!! i am so happy 2dae… haha… den i went 2 the sch lobby there 2 demonstrate the calligraphy 2 pep…. ask pep 2 buy… den i have 2 go up 2 the staff rm 2 ask pep 2 buy the chun liao i rote… after tt, the pep in the library bought 1 frm me, mr hoe oso got buy 1… haha. den go maths olympiad… den go hall plae baseball with jenny, ezzuan, zeek and shawn dey all. so fun. we have 2 run all about. haha… well i think i have ritten more den enough… so tt’s all for 2dae! bye bye! gong xi fa cai!!! hong pao na lai!!!


Written by GekTeng

February 5, 2005 at 12:47 PM

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