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>veri nervous… the speech cuming…

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>harlo… i am here again… haiyoz… me veri damn nervous… the head prefect speech cuming… dunnoe i can make it anot… ltr 2 much pep den dunnoe how 2 tok liao…haiz… the p5s and p6s must vote btween zeek, weiloke and me…hmmm… i really dunnoe hu will be the head prefect this year.. really wondering… the prefects’ investiture will be at 24 jan… really veri wad… hey.. let’s not tok about this anymore… ok…yesterdae i juz saw the new tv show… “my lucky charm” shiok, sia.. i think jeanette aw surely will be nominated again for the best actress award and, hopefully, win this award…she really acts veri veri gd.. i lyk jeanette’s hiarstyle best…. she damn pretty… haha… but in the show she got the BO… or wadeva it is called….


Written by GekTeng

January 8, 2005 at 9:00 AM

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