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>haiz… bored, sia… nothing 2 do… 2dae me aunt came, den help me with my election letter thingy… tough, man… dunnoe wad 2 rite even. can’t even contact mardhiah for help… haiz.. 2molo last dae got the stefanie sun mini concert free tickets… urgh! i cannot go!!! i veri sad alamak… den 2molo still have sch… den next mon we must go say the letter liao. dunnoe hu will be the head prefect ah? me fren jianing say must have confidence! den can win the 2 boiz… haiz… i dun even think i am up 2 it.. how leh? haiyah juz give it a try lah.. it’s okie anyway… i’ve got enough. being asst. head already veri gd liao… i shud not ask for more… but ms tay ask us 2 try, so try lor… haiz.. me going. tt’s all for now.. bye bye!


Written by GekTeng

January 6, 2005 at 10:30 AM

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