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>god bless al the victims hu passed away in da tsunami…

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>dear me dear me… haiz… really veri wad leh… can’t get 2 stefanie sun’s mini concert…. yesterday juz heard from 933 tat can get 2 free tickets when u download something. but me mom wun allow me 2 go. wad a letdown…2dae 1st dae of sch. must get up veri damn early in the morning. me p6 liao… this year got PSLE.. this year must be a busy year for me… but i must get gd results in order 2 go to a gd sch wif me frens… riverside sec… since they have vegetarian food.. and since i am a vegetarian… hey u noe? being a vegetarian can be veri mah fan 1 leh… everydae in sch eat the same thingys… no choice of wad 2 eat… haiyah… i think i oso bo chup de lah… dun care de…. hahaha… so excited… next year buying new hp liao… me dad promised me de… haha… and i gtg liao… i think tat’s all for 2dae… and and and… lastly… wish god bless the injured and killed pep involved in the recent tsunami…. buaix…


Written by GekTeng

January 3, 2005 at 5:00 PM

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